Roy Ward Dickson




Abracadabra (devisor and host)

Full House (devisor and host)

Gair am Air (devisor)

£100 Word (devisor)

Mr and Mrs (devisor)

Pix (devisor and host)

Pwy Fase'n Meddwl (devisor)

Sion a Sian (devisor)

Think of a Number (devisor and host)

Three Little Words (devisor)

Try for Ten (devisor)

Turnabout (devisor and host)


Serial game show devisor and host Roy Ward Dickson was a Canadian, though he was born in England in 1910, and divided his career between the two countries. His original career was teaching, but after a couple of years he left to became a newspaper journalist in Vancouver, later moving to Toronto where he attempted to interest his employers in a game he had invented. Unfortunately the newspaper wasn't interested, so he set up his own company and in 1935 made his radio debut in Toronto as host of a show called Professor Dick and his Question Box. He never looked back from then on, becoming a familiar voice (and later face) on both sides of the Atlantic. He died in 1978.


His real name was Richard del Valle.

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