Something for the Weekend



Denise Van Outen


Tiger Aspect Productions in association with Whack 'em Out Productions for Channel 4, 17 September 1999 to 21 July 2000 (13 episodes in 2 series + 2 specials)


This was a Friday night late-and-loud show based on, well, sex. Not much is remembered of it save for the one thing that always comes up on clip shows: the game they'd play occasionally where a girlfriend tries to guess which one of four or five people is their boyfriend looking only at their privates.

There was also a game where a member of the audience would be quizzed on their parents' sexual habits for cash and prizes. Most people involved in it have subsequently preferred to forget this format and move on to better things, even though it somehow got a second series.

Theme music

Denis Ingoldsby, Paul Meehan, James Gordon, James Loughrey

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The second episode is online.


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