Take a Letter (1)



Bob Holness


Granada for ITV, 10 January 1962 to 24 June 1964 (128 episodes)


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Created by David Housham.


Holness got the job shortly after arriving in Britain from South Africa. His background was in theatre and radio, although he was a complete novice to television. However, that was hardly a problem, because, as he once revealed in an interview, they wanted a host who hadn't been seen on TV before in any case.

Janet Pyne writes:

My father (the late Glyn Williams) was one of only a couple of contestants on Take a Letter to win the maximum £1000 approximately 50 years ago. He found Bob Holness (then Robert) to be a true gentleman and he enjoyed his time on the show immensely.

Each week, there was a viewers' question set for a £5 prize. In a particular week 980,000 entries were received.

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Image:Take a letter bob holness.jpgKing Bob on set.


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