The Big Break



George Duffus


Grampian (regional), 6 January to ? 1989


An example of a regional talent show with more than a little inspiration taken from New Faces (the Marti Caine revival of which had just finished a three year-run).

What are the scores, George Duffus?

Celebrity judges provided the scores and the overall winner presumably got the chance to escape the public radar within hours of the grand final coming off air.

Theme music

Musical director - Alex Sutherland


Recorded live at the Eden Court Theatre, Inverness.

She's got it, yeah baby, she's got it.

Probably now noted above all other considerations for the singing debut of Radio 1 DJ & later Comic Relief Does Fame Academy champion Edith Bowman, performing "Venus", but coming joint-last (as seen in the scoreboard further up the page).


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