Three's a Crowd

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Claudia Winkleman


12 Yard for BBC Three, 16 February to 16 April 2004


Surprisingly alright dating show that came and went as part of BBC Three's quest for a decent daily evening show.

Two people of opposite sexes live in a flat but a third person is introduced to the mix. The three are then sent out on two mini-dates (e.g. a trip on the London Eye). By the random pick of a card, one couple are sent off to go on a date and the spare wheel (say, the second man if there were two men) has to sit dagger-eyes in the distance. The annoying thing about this is that 50% of the time, one person will never get a date with the (e.g.) woman, which seems mighty unfair. Back at the flat, the picker gets to reject the person they don't like.

Image:Threes_a_crowd_winkleman.jpg One third of a crowd, Claudia Winkleman

Anyway, at 11:50pm the two remaining have to pack their bags in their rooms. If both of them meet in the hallway before midnight, they can leave the flat as a happy couple and we all start again with three newbies next time. If neither person or only one goes to the hall, someone (could be a man or woman) comes in the next morning. This means that the picker could now become one of two competing for attention.

While not being a very fair show, the perpetual motion aspect had a lot to recommend it, and the editing made the ending look as tense as it could be. Also this show marked the blossoming Claudia Winkleman from being a typical Robopresenter into the very witty woman she is today.

The picker chooses at random who she's going on a date with


Based on the Japanese format Alternative Love.

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