Wireless Wise


David Hatch


Testbed for Radio 4, 28 June 1999 to 1 July 2003 (25 episodes in 4 series)


Quiz about radio history, contested by two teams of two mostly comprising radio personalities.

While the format generally consisted of open rounds of questions pointed to either team based on a piece of archive, there were a couple of formatted rounds that made a regular appearance. The Radio Jigsaw invited the teams to put together three or four different pieces of clippage in the right order so that the name of something (e.g. a celebrity, film, book) was formed when said out loud. In a later round, three unlikely-sounding radio news stories were read out by an announcer and the team had to identify which one was true, with the clip later heard as proof. Oh, and the obligatory on-the-buzzer round completed the proceedings.

As a radio producer himself, David Hatch knew when to keep the pace going and the laughs coming, although perhaps it didn't get more series because it sounded like a 1980s show repeated 20 years later.


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