Your Word Against Mine



Cameron Stout


BBC Radio Scotland, 19 August to 30 September 2005 (7 episodes in 1 series)


A Scottish dialect quiz, part of the BBC's Voices season. Eight teams from around the country brought their brains, and a brief interval act, to the quiz. The emphasis across the shows was to note the diversity of language across Scotland, rather than proclaim any dialect superior to any other.

This was Cameron Stout's first quiz for the national network, and his earnest presentation and prizes of Orkney fudge couldn't save the show from becoming a bit of an anarchic mess. That made it all the better listening.

Rounds varied slightly between each show, but usually included all or some of:

  • Questions about the teams' local dialects.
  • Scots proverbs - a translation.
  • "Diction or fiction" - Call My Bluff redux.
  • Themed round - questions on a theme.
  • "Where Am I?" - identifying where a clip of speech was recorded.
  • "Dialectable" - quickfire questions.



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