A Question of Sex



Alistair Divall


Team captains: Teresa May and Emma Ford


Granada for Men and Motors, 26 March to 1 October 2001 (26 episodes in 1 series)


Not to be confused with A Question of Sport, A Question of Pop or (choke) A Question of TV, this is a late night filler full of semi-naked women prancing around to canned audience laughter and a series of "we can't spend more than £5"-style sexy games.

The only real reason it's noteworthy is the quite bizarre comeback of the cheery persona we call Alistair "Keynotes" Divall. Good to see you back, Alastair.

Shame the actual show's the usual cheap tack we'd expect from cable telly. The girls on each team even get extra points for flashing their boobs. NEXT!


To state the bleeding obvious, this is not the Theresa May who would later precede Have I Got News for You host Boris Johnson as prime minister.


File:Aquestionofsex set.jpgThe set: £2.19 well spent
File:Aquestionofsex alistairduvall.jpgAlistair "The comeback keynote" Divall
File:Aquestionofsex emmaford.jpgEmma Ford. Do up your tie Emma, this isn't some cheap late-night... oh.
File:Aquestionofsex 4.jpgTeresa May. Bought her army clothing in the bargain sale.
File:Aquestionofsex group.jpgAaaargh my EYES!!


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