Alan Dedicoat



Graduated from several years at the BBC in Birmingham and Devon to join the Presentation Department of BBC Radio 2. Went on to read the news and do continuity links before, somehow, landing the bizarre job of calling out the numbers as they fall out of the lottery machine - leading to Terry Wogan nicknaming Alan as the Voice of the Balls.

His style is quick-witted, and he likes to give each lottery number a 'personality': "Forty-two! There's £42 million left unclaimed in prize money... Twenty-five! There are 25 kids in Gosport now with new toasters thanks to a Lottery grant..."


Alan was born in Hollywood - no, not that one, a village in North Worcestershire.

As well as being the VotB, his other nickname is 'Deadly' - as in "Deadly Alancoat".

He does the voiceover for the US version of Strictly Come Dancing (i.e. Dancing with the Stars) also.

Alan was also the head of presentation for Radio 2.

Along with a Radio 2 trio of DJ Ken Bruce, newsreader Charles Nove and producer Steve Madden, Deadly co-owns one of the few remaining Routemaster buses around London.

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