Anything Goes



Keith Chegwin


Referee: Suzanne Dando


BBC Manchester for BBC1, 17 March 1984 to 31 August 1985 (12 episodes in 2 series)


When It's a Knockout was given the full count of ten, this family show presented by Keith "Cheggers" Chegwin was cobbled together to fill the gap. Teams competed in a variety of silly games, but instead of a rugby pitch in Northampton the location here was a circus Big Top (in fact Tower Circus in the Blackpool Tower building).

One particularly memorable (sorry, the only particularly memorable) feature of the show was that the first-half games were played on the ground, and the second-half games were played in a pool. Huge water pipes would fill the circus ring in a few moments, which proved to be an unnecessary but otherwise neat transition.

Possibly based on the US show "Almost Anything Goes". That's conservative America for you.


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