Be Nesa?



Geraint Hardy and Meleri Williams

Alex Jones (stand-in)


Boomerang for S4C, 2008 to 2009


You've had WAP! and Sioe Gwobrau Mawr but they belong in the age where S4C still produced its own in-vision continuity links for children.

Now with Planed Plant under independent control, this is what passes as their attempt to work a phone-in game into a junction proceeding the Welsh version of Newsround (known as Ffeil, fact fans) - a no-frills what happened next? quiz with a Playstation 3 on offer as star prize.

A few callers guess the outcome of several video clips. Each correct predicition wins a prize - three correct predictions wins three prizes. Afterall, the team on Planed Plant don't throw together these programmes just like that.


The title translates as What Next?.


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