Caru Siopa



Lara Catrin


Boom Cymru for S4C, 30 March to 11 May 2020 (6 episodes in 1 series)


Two canny shoppers try to make their fortune. They buy clothes and shoes from charity shops, repair them, and sell them for more money. Whoever has the more money after they've sold their stock is the winner, and takes both player's profit.

We start by meeting tonight's contestants, in their homes. They'll give host Lara Catrin a tour of their wardrobe, let us know about the player's style and abilities.

Lara looks at racks of clothes.

Then we go shopping, there's £300 to be spent in charity shops. What bargains will our players find? Can they negotiate a better price for buying so much?

After the break, Lara gives us viewers some tips on how to repair our clothes, sew on a button or repair a zip. The contestants are busy working on the clothes they've bought, and soon they'll sell them.

We next see the players in the vintage market, setting out their stalls. There's the traditional few minutes of frantic selling, slashed prices, gimmicks to attract attention.

Thank you for shopping with us!

Once time is up, Lara takes the cash boxes, counts them up, and awards the money to the contestant with the bigger profit.

Lara Catrin seems to live the slightly bohemian aesthetic, all enhanced by swinging jazz music and colourful captions. While not terribly innovative, Caru Siopa is a warm show, and fits well into its half-hour slot.


The title translates as Love Shopping.

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