Fit to Win



Alison Holloway


Steve Johnson and Sam Mason

Commentator: Stuart Hall


Topical Television for HTV West and Meridian (regional), 6 April to 27 June 1993 (13 episodes in 1 series)


Billed as a "gameshow of facts and fitness", Fit to Win was It's a Knockout, but on a smaller scale, not only in that it was a regional show, but also that there was a mix of games in a studio and on the streets of the two towns competing in each programme.

The series was a co-production between HTV West and Meridian Thames Valley and South, with each programme featuring one team from each region. Games in the streets were played in their town. To give an example: for a hypothetical match between Swindon and Southampton, the Swindon team competed in Swindon town centre (with Sam Mason acting as referee), while the Southampton team competed in the middle of that town (with Steve Johnson being referee there). Each team’s efforts were filmed separately and the two films played at the same time on a split screen, with Stuart Hall doing commentary. For studio games, Stuart acted as referee.

Each region produced a best team, and they competed in the final programme. Representing HTV was Frome, while the top Meridian team was Reading. All games in the final were in the studio.

Theme music

Simon May and Simon Lockyer


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