Jamie Atiko and Darren Malcolm


Shine for Sky One, 11 August 2003 to 12 September 2004 (192 episodes in 2 series)


Sky's sort of attempt to make Games World cool and hip but ended up being a pandering load of nonsense.

The show's main segment, which was sporadically played throughout the show, was called Face Off where two contestants go head to head in a best of three contest in a multiplayer match on just one game and whoever wins 2-1 or wins all 3 matches wins a Face Off Champion Certificate, but they can go one step further and have an "Elite Stamp" printed on it if they can take on one of the hosts and win.

There are also reviews on the show, which are in three segments throughout the show such as Console Kitchen, PC Lounge and Mobile Pad, where they review the latest games that were released at the time.

Oh, and a couple of features like Inspect Yer Gadget where they look at things made by third party companies that you will only use a few times and never use again because they break all the time and Bring It On Back where they just look back at a bunch of retro games, mostly those that are cartridge based.

And let's not forget the Games Guru who is a monk with a northern accent and helps, but mostly humiliates, people with cheats and tips on games they're stuck on.

Reviews of the show were highly negative, so negative that even host of Gamesmaster himself Dominik Diamond got involved when he was interviewed by GamesMaster Magazine to talk about his new show When Games Attack by saying this:

Gamezville is the equivalent to eating your own s***, the producers must have thought "Oh because we have black people in it must be street."

The show lasted over a year before the axe fell, but still managed to squeeze out 192 episodes in two series.

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