Go For It!



Robbie Vincent (1986-7)

Gloria Hunniford (1989)


Angharad Mair (1986-7)

Dr Alan Maryon-Davis (1989)


BBC1, 10 April 1986 to 13 August 1989 (30 episodes in 3 series)


Families (or groups of pensioners) are challenged to improve their health, weight and lifestyles via challenges which are scored in points for, e.g., amount of fat eaten or cigarettes smoked. The maximum score was 100 and it was split up equally into four categories, with each member of the family contributing up to five points in each category.

The 4 categories were alcohol, smoking, exercise and food/weight scoring a maximum of 25 for each. If you smoked you got zero and if you consumed more than 21 units of alcohol for a man or 14 for a woman you lost a point for each unit over your total allowed. If you were super active you could score 25 on exercise but most of the adults had lower scores and similarly if you ate a lot of unhealthy food and your BMI was high you would score low on that section. Target was 80 out of 100 but the average score was 50. On a few occasions, the adults' scores were so low people were writing in to see if they were still alive!

After the programmes set the challenges, the second half of the series brings back the same people about 5 weeks later to see how they've got on, including a weigh-in on the Go For It! scales.

The team that scored the best won the coveted Go For It! breadboard, and everyone got branded rucksacks.

Key moments

At the end of the first series, all five families were brought together in the studio of a Go For It! Quiz.

Usually it was the parents' fags that brought the side down.

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