Herio'r Ddraig



Elin Leyshon


Geraint Todd (Myddin)
Gareth Jewell (Arthur)


Calon TV for S4C, 5 September to ? 2008


Children's adventure game show on an Arthurian legends theme, somewhat along the lines of a Cymraeg Raven.

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Theme music

Richard Vaughan


The title translates as Challenge the Dragon.

For reasons beyond our thinking, the closing credits rather kindly includes the work experience students who worked on this series.

The production company, Calon TV, was better known as an animation specialist (its managing director Robin Lyons cut his teeth as writer/producer of Superted). Herio'r Ddraig was both its first live action production and its last - the company closed in July 2010 after an anticipated investment boost fell through.

Web links

Watch Herio'r Ddraig on S4C's website


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