Mama Mia



Mama (not known) and Mia (Tara Bethan)


Fflic for S4C, 2006 to 2007


Typically anarchic children's game show for Thursday afternoons, set in a brightly coloured Italian house, where strangely the two characters Mama and Mia speak Welsh! Two families from around the Principality competed in several messy games with the winners getting a day trip to Alton Towers as their prize.

Notable in its production values because the set covered the entire studio, instead of being open ended. This arrangement meant that the studio production crew were in-vision for the most of the time which although spoiling the pretence a little, certainly added an edge to the first series.

Unfortunately the second series lacked some of the sparkle, with the presenters reduced to throwing custard pies at random opportunities and less emphasis on the almost improvised look of the show. Shame.

Key moments

The countless number of times where we got to see the camera operators at work whilst the games were in progress. They even showed us the studio lights!


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