Nigel Lythgoe

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The Big Big Talent Show (executive producer)

Blind Date (producer)

Bob's Your Uncle (producer and director)

The Enemy Within

Gladiators (producer)

Ice Warriors (producer)

Popstars (judge)

So You Think You Can Dance (creator and judge)

Survivor (producer)

Tenball (producer)

You Bet! (producer)


Entering showbiz in the 1970s as a choreographer, Nigel Lythgoe worked his way up through the ranks to become the producer of light entertainment shows for the likes of Brian Conley and Bobby Davro, as well as numerous Saturday night gameshows. Came out from behind the scenes to become a judge on Popstars, thus setting the trend for every talent show that followed of always having one supposedly "nasty" judge. Currently big in America, where he is a judge on the original US version of So You Think You Can Dance, which he created with Pop Idol's Simon Fuller.

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