Pull the Other One (2)



David Frost


Regulars: Ken Dodd, Leslie Crowther, Frank Carson, John Martin, Bernie Clifton


BBC Radio 2, 22 January 1987 to 6 February 1993 (54 episodes in 6 series)


Three guests are given unusual news stories and were asked to tell the future Sir David what happened.

There was also a Christmas Special called Pull The Other Cracker in 1987.

Produced by Edward Taylor, who had previously made Does the Team Think?; the two shows were both improvisation comedies with arbitrary scoring. Paul Donovan, the influential radio critic, argues in his book The Radio Companion that Pull the Other One was a full revival of Does the Team Think?; this opinion is not shared by other radio historians.


Devised and researched by Andrew Palmer and Nell Brennan.


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