Puzzle Party (2)



Gyles Brandreth


Tyne Tees for ITV, 28 June to ? 1977


Seems to have been a proto-Fun and Games with games, puzzles, questions and jokes, and was obviously on the cusp of success given that it had a 1977 Christmas special but, erm, no second series. Apparently the competing teams were called The Coconuts and The Bananas.

We have g-no picture of the g-nu, but here's a hartebeest.

Whichever team was winning got to hold the Gnu (a furry creature with ping-pong ball eyes), until the other side took the lead. There was the odd prize such as a tin of Gnu food which turned out to be a tin of baked beans covered with a new label.


The producer was Anne Wood, who went on to earn squillions as the creator of Tellytubbies.

Theme music

Began with the words, "Is it true the gnu only comes from Peru?" with the children then shouting "Puzzle Party!". And no, it isn't true that the gnu only comes from Peru, as it's an animal of the African plains and not native to South America at all. But it would be a bit of a challenge to fit that into the rhyme scheme.

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