Sahera Chohan


KPA Televison and BBC Birmingham for BBC2, 23 November 1996 to 23 January 1999 (38 episodes in 3 series)


It's a quiz and it's about Asia: Limited audience ahoy!

There are three teams, each with about fifteen players, but three of those players are more important and get the chance to answer more questions. The questions are all about (and this might come as a shock) Asia and everything behind it, the country, the religions, the history, the Bollywood Film industry (a bit like Bollywood or Bust).

The quiz itself is quite nice, if bewildering to people who don't know or understand the culture (which might explain why it didn't get a prime-time slot and was put on Saturday Morning BBC2 slot in their Network East section). Questions were either votes, with every member of the team having a keypad and inputting an answer, buzz-in questions with the three main members or specialised subject questions. So far, so unoriginal, you will have seen everything just about on every other quiz show ever, but at least it does it reasonably well.

The final round has the team with the most points playing for £1000. All the members of the team line up and are asked a question individually. If they get it right, they score a point and go to the back of the queue. If they get it wrong they are out. The team have 90 seconds to score 15 points, and yes, you'll have seen something a bit like this on Marti Caine's Joker in the Pack, but there's nothing outright wrong with it. The system's quite good, in fact.

So, at the end of it all, it is more interesting than Kabaddi.

Theme music

Harjinder Boparai


Recorded at Carlton Studios in Nottingham.


An episode from 1997.


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