Radio Flitch



Franklin Engelmann


Judges: Diana Morgan and Robert MacDermot


BBC Light Programme, 25 May 1953


A long time ago in certain places (and to this day in Great Dunmow, Essex), there was an occasional ceremony where married couples could claim a side or "flitch" of ham if they could convince a judging panel that they had been happily married without a quarrel for the last year. Presumably there was much subterfuge involved as the judges tried to get the couples to say anything that might disqualify them. BBC radio's own power couple, devisor John P. Wynn and producer Joan Clark, brought the concept to radio for a one-off (and brought in another married couple to be the judges) but let's just say it wasn't their most successful format.


John P. Wynn


This aired as part of a short (2 episode) strand of pilots from the Wynn / Clark / Engelmann team. The other pilot was rather more successful, as it gave rise to the long-running What Do You Know?, later Brain of Britain.


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