Run the Gauntlet



David Jensen and Suzanne Dando (1987)

Martin Shaw (1988)

Alison Holloway (1988-91) (and Ross Davidson from 1989 / Ross King from 1990-1)


Creative Action/Thames for ITV, 20 April 1987 to 1 April 1991 (mainly one-off programmes)


Four teams from, say, GB, USA, Australia and Holland would fight to prove who was the best through a number of action-packed (and we mean action-packed) rounds. These were quite excellent, most of them involving races in huge expensive machines such as jet skis, buggies and the 'Supercats' (jeep things). And then there was The Hill, a race up a obstacle laden hill whilst opposing teams tried to irritate you using huge water cannons.

Into the big muddy puddle...

A great format, although some of the races weren't as exciting as they perhaps could have been, so why try and change it by setting it on snow and getting Ross King to host it? We'll never know.

Key moments

Martin Shaw always made his entrance via an action stunt, such as dangling from a helicopter or, as in the picture below, sitting nonchantly reading a newspaper while a motorcycle stunt team sped over the ridge behind him.

Seriously, do not try this at home.


Devised by Julian Grant and Patrick Gamble. They must have been a bit short of celebrities for the 1988 christmas special, because Grant was roped in to be a contestant as well. Or maybe he just fancied a go.

Theme music



A computer game was released. It was quite good, actually.

The 1988 Christmas special was released on video. Despite what the sleeve says, the presenter is actually Alison Holloway, not Martin Shaw.

See also

Superchamps, effectively a junior version of the show.


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