Sawl Seren?



Tara Bethan


Avanti Media for S4C, 18 February to 9 May 2011 (13 programmes in 1 series)

Series highlights repackaged as Sawl Seren Sy' 'Na?, 24 December 2011


Sometime I'd Do Anything contestant Tara Bethan hosts a show in which talented Welsh youngsters get four of their fifteen minutes of fame, competing for an award of £1000 to help further their training. In a novel twist, the judges were other children who awarded stars, rather than professional judges.

Brass band Brassacino perform

The actual format is perfectly simple: there are five acts in each show, they all do their turns, and then the studio audience mark each one out of five (but not until they've seen everybody perform, because that's the fairest way to do it, as Tara is eager to remind us at rather-too-frequent intervals). The winner wins and goes through to the next round.

A score graphic showing four and a half stars

The heats and semi-finals toured the principality, before the winners gathered for the finale.


The title translates as How many stars?, a reference to the scoring mechanism.


It's her off I'd Do Anything. No, not her - the other one.
Interviewing a hopeful youngster backstage
This year's Dusty Bin Memorial Lecture will be given by Tara Bethan on the subject of "Why Nobody Gets To Vote Until They've Seen All Five Acts Perform".
A voting pad. Nobody gets to use this until all five acts have performed, because that's the fairest way to do it. Her off I'd Do Anything told us that. No, not her - the other one.


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