Sion Neu Sian



Alun Williams (2005-) and Branwen Gwyn (2005-6), Alex Jones (2007-8)


S4C Continuity Department for S4C, 2005-7

Boomerang for S4C, 2008


Cheap and cheerful childrens' quiz filler played for laughs to find out which gender is the best of friends - boys or girls?

Alun Williams and Alex Jones

The early series (produced by S4C Continuity) were intended as half game-show/half parody, which you could tell just from the deliberately stitled voice of Branwen Gwyn and perhaps the odd running joke of looking into the wrong camera.

Alun Williams and Alex Jones introducing. Incidentally, Boomerang's version saw a huge increase in budget to allow for...well, a studio audience.

The show became only a bit more straightforward in its second incarnation, under new producers, Boomerang.

Some split-screen game play. If you know what on Earth's going on here, please send a stamped adressed postcard to us.

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