Sky Runners



Andrew O'Connor


Skyrunners: Suzi Quatro and Gemma Craven


TVS for ITV, 29 March 1991 (pilot)


ITVs answer to Treasure Hunt. This was basically the same thing except competitive. Why have one helicopter when you can have two?

Politicians, helped by Andrew O'Connor, would guide two "skyrunners" around somewhere or other in order to search for objects. The first hint was free, but each subsequent hint required cost a time penalty of ten seconds.

When they find the correct treasure they would be "frozen" (or their piece of film would stop, anyway). Whoever got round all the things in the fastest time won some money for charity.

To be honest, it was a poor attempt to do Treasure Hunt but there you go. Clues, female runners and helicopters, what more could you want? Entertainment, sadly.


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