Jane Franchi (1983-9)

Jackie Bird (1990-1)

Jane Franchi (2011-2 specials)


BBC1 Scotland, 31 December 1983 to 26 November 1990 (107 shows in 7 series)

Superscots: BBC1 Scotland, 2 September to 25 November 1991

BBC Radio Scotland, 25-31 December 2011 (2 shows)

as Supersport: BBC Radio Scotland, 23-30 July 2012 (2 shows)


Quiz about Scottish history and culture.

In 1991, the series rebranded as Superscots plural, a family edition of the same idea.

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Theme music

Pegao by Jose Feliciano.


A New Year's edition broadcast on 2nd January 1992 featured Paul Coia, Jakki Brambles, Lorraine Kelly, John Leslie, Elaine C. Smith and James Macpherson. Apparently "includes a karaoke round" - lumme!

Brian Pendreigh writes:

I did this quiz in 1986. Coincidentally and unknown to me, my uncle Jim Brunton also entered. We both reached the final and subsequently co-wrote two quiz books, including The Scottish Quizbook, which made the bestseller list. We also compiled weekly general knowledge and sports quizzes for The Scotsman. Sadly Jim, who was a veteran of such shows as TV Brain of Britain, died a few years ago. Since then I have done A Question of Genius, Mastermind and Postcode Challenge. My son recently made his tv quiz debut. I guess we probably have a decent claim to being Scotland's pre-eminent quiz family.


A Superscot quiz book was published by BBC Books.


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