The Sack Race



Voiceover: Not known


BBC Two, 12 January to 2 April 2004 (8 episodes in 1 series)


Hidden camera show in which two comedians start separate "proper jobs" at roughly the same time in the morning, and the one who gets fired closest to 3pm wins their day's wage. They may not swear, break the law or let on that it's all a set up, but otherwise anything goes.

The care that has gone into setting up the situations is by far the most impressive element of the show (they've got hidden cameras and microphones absolutely everywhere); sadly it's a lot of effort for very little effect. To be fair, it probably seemed a lot funnier on paper than it does on screen. Oh well.


Despite not being either a critical or popular success in the UK, the format was later sold to America as Fire Me... Please and aired in a primetime slot on CBS.


Hugh Rycroft

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