Tomorrow's World Christmas Quiz



Howard Stableford, Judith Hann and Peter McCann


BBC1, 18 December 1986 to 23 December 1992 (7 annual editions)


Technology-based yuletide shenanigans from the Stableford/Hann/MacCann-era Tomorrow's World (i.e. late 80s). We can't remember much about this, though there was probably a "what happened next" archive round, and much "guess what this is for" jollity. The latter involved some of the 'Tomorrow's World' presenters and a celebrity guest demonstrating what they claimed the device was for and a panel having to guess which explanation was correct.


One thing we do dimly recall was the team being asked to work out what a metalled umbrella was for; it turned out to be a solar mulled wine heater.


File:Howard stableford tomorrowworld.jpgHoward Stableford in front of the Crystal Dome.
Paul Daniels doing physics.


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