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Alan worked in his family's electrical business in Cardiff, then saw active naval service in the Mediterranean war zone. He became a professional actor and entertainer, working in music hall and pantomine in the West End and nationwide. He became a TWW (Television Wales and West) announcer in 1959 and became one of the station's biggest stars, also appearing as a newsreader and programme presenter. He also appeared in early episodes of HTV's Paint Along With Nancy where he assisted the star.

He hosted numerous quiz shows including Mr and Mrs, where he was known for his monocle. He retired from TV in 1982 to open an antique shop in Bath. He then moved to Spain where he died in 1997.


In the 60s, he had a 10 minute afternoon slot with a puppet (Tinker and Taylor) where they would announce birthdays. In the 70s, he presented a kids' show (Orbit) where he would read out the birthday greetings from a spaceship.

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