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Former dancer, model and television presenter mostly found on participation television. Her career started on a daytime quiz show called Bikini Beach, where she and fellow presenters stripped down to their bikinis (please stay with me on this one) in an attempt to attract male callers. It was gone from our screens within a couple of weeks.

Since then, she has presented for The Great Big British Quiz and Quiz Nation before launching ITV Play's The Zone, which went the way that the ITV Play channel did after just 6 episodes. And the scary thing is that had a shorter run than Bikini Beach! Anna returned to The Great Big Quiz only to find herself out of a job again 7 weeks later.

She returned to Granada (producers of The Zone) just a month later as a stand-in host of Make Your Play before becoming a staff presenter on gambling station Pitch Gaming. And she's still working as a model. So, she's always got something to fall back on.


She was born on 29th February 1980, a leap year, which makes her only 6 and three quarters old (or more sensibly 28, depending on how you look at it).

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