Around the World in 80 Seconds



Timmy Mallett as "Captain Everything"


"Plus One" (Fiona Branson) and "Minus One" (Michael Van Wijk)


TCC, 24 November 1993 to 1995


Three teams of two kids played quizzes and physical challenges, winning globes along the way. Teams were whittled down (taken back to the resident baddies' planet).

The winning team tried to go "around the world in 80 seconds". The studio was a three part adventure playground and each part represented an area of Earth. If they could go round the studio twice in 80 seconds, collecting the flags on the way, they'd win a holiday. All the while Mallett stands on his mountain in the middle overseeing everything like God (though with sillier glasses).

It sounds a little bit like Double Dare, doesn't it?

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