Arty Facts



Andrew Lynford


Imago Productions for ITV1 Anglia, 5 January 2003 to 2004


Arts and entertainment themed quiz set in a courthouse in Norwich presided over by ex-Eastender and Anglia TV's arts expert Andrew Lynford in the judge's chair with the gavel.

Fairly standard parlour game rounds (charades, guess the book through the medium of a felt tip pen, who-am-I, that sort of thing), the winners would win a Toby jug with Mr Lynford's face on it.

Everything was kept pretty lo-tech (scores kept on a piece of paper, a horn and a bell for buzzers) but for 2004 the show got a new Paul Farrer composed theme tune, an eggcrate-style scoreboard and the winners would now win a painting set or something of that ilk.

Amiable enough lighthearted Sunday lunchtime fare.


Devised by Andrew Lynford himself.


A spin-off series, Sportyfacts was produced in 2005.

Theme music

Paul Farrer in 2004, unknown before then.


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