Ask the Family Quiz

To give you a flavour of the sort of question that used to turn up in the original Ask the Family, here are some teasers from old Ask the Family quizbooks.

But here's the twist - some of the answers are out of date, or certainly long in the tooth, so you'll have to cast your mind back to 1979/1982 for them. Have fun!

1. Why should father come last in the Birkenhead Drill?

2. If Dover is 2 and Plymouth 3, what is Edinburgh?

3. Three of the planets in the solar system have no moons. Can you name them?

4. If 8 follows 1, and 3 is between 17 and 19, which number is dead centre?

5. Can you fill in the gaps to find two words in the following? (Clue: one may follow another)

6. Which Prime Minister had a father, uncle and first cousin who held the same office?

7. A boy had 9 coins totalling 46.5p made up of three each of three different coins. What were the coins?

8. In which land is it always winter but never Christmas?

9. How far is it from Aachen to Aix-La-Chapelle?

10. What first appeared in Hyde Park in 1851 and disappeared on Sydenham Hill in 1936?

11. Which two historic events took place in car number 2419D in the forest of Compiegne? (hint: two different years)

12. They were introduced by Sir John Lubbock in 1871. There were four at first, there are now six. What are they?

13. On a telephone dial, the finger hole for '0' is at six o'clock at the bottom. Which digit is at the top at twelve o'clock?

14. Through what angle can the central spans of London Bridge be raised to allow tall ships to sail through?

15. Name the four countries whose names begin with J.

16. How would a green one, a blue one and a brown one amount to sixteen?

17. If an LP lasts 30 minutes, how many times will it revolve while being played?

18. With which Ian Fleming character would you assocate this: DCXLIV + CCCLVI?

19. DIRTY ROOM is an anagram of which word?

20. In which context does 1000=29.53?

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