Boiling Point



Dominik Diamond


Judge: John Quigley


Scottish Television (not networked), 5 July to 6 December? 2002 (23? episodes in 1 series)


Hybrid quiz/cookery show. Two pairs of contestants first answer general knowledge questions (all of which have a culinary connection in either the question or answer) to win ingredients, then compete to cook the best meal with them.

Not the foggiest idea who this is.

There are three quiz rounds. The first is on the buzzer, with Diamond awarding ingredients chosen apparently on a whim for each correct answer.

A view over the top of the ingredient shelves. The swirly patterns behind the contestants flash on and off when they buzz in.

For the second round, teams take turns to choose one of the remaining ingredients from the three shelves, and must answer an easy, medium or hard question according to which shelf said ingredient is upon. Get it right, they get the ingredient.

The ingredients board

The third round is the "ingredients board". Each team in turn is served up the name of an ingredient on the pseudorandom display board. Get the attached question correct, and they get to choose either to keep the ingredient for themselves, or swap it for something from their opponents' stash.

And wash your hands.

After this round, both teams will have their final basket of ingredients, whereupon the aprons go on and they begin cooking. At the end, chef John Quigley judges the meals and declares the winners, who get a weekend break somewhere, while the losers get the boiling point kettle.

Mmmm, you can really taste the polyfilla.

A distinctly cheap but genuinely cheerful show driven along by Diamond's warm humour, but the lack of a studio audience is keenly felt.

The consolation prize (pot plant not included)


Most of the series is available on STV's YouTube Channel.


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