Boot Sale Treasure Hunt



Ruth England and Ian Harvey (2003)

Kate McIntyre and Ian Harvey (2005)


LNN Factuals for ITV1, 3 November 2003 to 2005


The bastard child of Boot Sale Challenge and Treasure Hunt? "I've found the Clarice Cliff tea service - stop the clock!" Not quite, although its pedigree is most certainly mongrel.

Teams have cash to buy a range of knick-knacks from a car boot sale then resell them later. Whoever makes the most money, or the smallest loss, is the winner. Sound familar? Thought so. The only difference here is that they sell the items back at another car boot sale rather than an auction house. Wallpaper TV really, although it keeps our Mum happy and I suppose that's what it's there for.


Image:Bootsaletreasurehunt_teampicture.jpgIt's even the same colours as Bargain Hunt!


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