Bring Me the Head of Light Entertainment



Graham Norton (Series 1-3)

Sean Cullen (Series 4-5)


Team captains:
Fred MacAulay and Lee Hurst (Series 1)
Paul Thorne (Series 2-5)
Dominic Holland (Series 2-3)
Adam Bloom (Series 4-5)


Anglia in association with United Film and Television Productions for Channel 5, 3 April 1997 to 1 November 2000 (5 series)


Channel 5 continuity announcers can't seem to find another word for "irrepressible", the overused adjective which seems to announce the fact that Graham Norton is about to pop onto your screen. The camp-as-a-campsite host eggs on four alternative-alternative comedians through a series of hit-and-miss rounds.

Not a patch on Have I Got News for You, but has some innovative games. It does seem to lose its way when the rounds veer into proper quiz territory. However, subsequent series saw a number of gradual improvements and one could do a lot worse than spent half an hour with this bawdy show.

Graham Norton is the rose between the thorns of team captains Dominic Holland and Paul Thorne.


The show was devised by Lee Hurst, a stand up comedian who has also been a past team captain on They Think it's All Over and, indeed, the first series of this show. He would face his successor, Dominic Holland, on The What in the World? Quiz.


The production team referred to this show in short as "bumhole". Work it out yourself.

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Channel 5 web site


Graham Norton giving Bill Bailey a different sort of toy
Original host, Graham Norton
Subsequent host, Sean Cullen


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