Britain's Brightest Family


Anne Hegerty


Gameface for ITV, 10 January 2018 to present


The ITV press office tell us:

The Chase's Governess, aka Anne Hegerty, is in the hot seat as she hosts a brand new 30-minute quiz show where sixteen brilliantly bright families from across the country take part in a knockout tournament to win the coveted title of Britain's Brightest Family and a holiday to the NASA space centre in Florida.
But all is not what it seems - there’s a twist. In this game it's not just what you know that's important but also what you think your family knows. Players must nominate a family member to answer the questions. How well do our families know each other? In this bright new series we'll find out.
Anne explains what the show is all about: "It's a knockout competition to find Britain's brightest family. Sixteen families going up against each other to face challenges including word and number puzzles, problem-solving and general knowledge skills. Each team has been selected by its teenage captain, so it's a chance for the whole family to show what they know, and how well they know each other."

We understand there will also be hydraulic armchairs, going up and down.

This programme has not yet aired. A full review will appear here after broadcast.


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