Britain's Most Spectacular Backyard Builds



Sara Cox and Piers Taylor


RDF Television for BBC Two, 21 June 2016


"Inventors are building the unimaginable. They're creating the magical, the wonderful, and the quite ingenious." During this one-hour pilot, we meet some tinkerers, each turning the ordinary and quotidian into something quite remarkable.

Ten weeks, £2500, build it in your own backyard (or shed, or kitchen, or junkroom-slash-workshop). The producers will give advice to make sure it's safe and won't collapse onto anyone's head.

Over an hour, we follow three projects from inspiration to reality. A carousel that dispenses sweets. A man building his own battle robot. And a machine to make the perfect breakfast.

The Marvellous Mechanical Breakfast Machine.

Sara Cox is the host, an innocent who needs everything explained to her. Some of the technical detail comes from co-host Piers Taylor.

Made by the same company as Scrapheap Challenge, there are lots of familiar elements. Animated models showing how things should work, a guiding hand from producers, and lashings of ingenuity. And the joy when all the hard work pays off is clear.

A grand-daughter's dream: this ride gives out sweets as you pedal.

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