Britain's Sexiest



Michael Greco and Kerry McFadden


Carlton for ITV1, 26 August to 1 September 2002 (7 episodes in 1 series)


Not much to see here, and yet pretty much everything to see here. Men and women from different regions paraded themselves for a telephone vote, one trade or profession each night over six consecutive nights, then all the winners returned for the grand final in order to find Britain's sexiest man and woman. As cheap and tacky (and possibly Carlton-esque) as you'd imagine, but at least it was all over within a week.

Key moments

On the day of "The Final" when Kerry Katona was announcing the winner of Britain's Sexiest Man, two of the male contestants had similar names (Mark and Matt) so it was important to pronounce the name clearly, which in Kerry's case… she didn't.


Those categories in full (in episode order):

  • Fitness Instructors (26 August)
  • Teachers (27 August)
  • Airline Crew (28 August)
  • Builders (29 August)
  • Doctors and Nurses (30 August)
  • Firefighters (31 August)


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