Freddie Flintoff, Lethal Bizzle and Vick Hope


Commentators: Colin Murray


Primal Media and Motion Content Group for Sky One, 6 May to 10 June 2018 (6 episodes in 1 series)


Teams of creative engineers, mechanics and drivers from throughout the UK and Ireland transform regular cars into weaponized battle-ready vehicles. Teams are then pitted against each other in a Mad Max-style combat in three vast arenas deep in the desert. The game is simple: inflict enough damage on your opponents to render their vehicles immobile, with the last car standing crowned Carnage champion.

Four rounds in this show. "The Grid" has three cars driving around a small cityscape, hoping to immobilise one of the cars and knock them out of the game. If they can't manage it, a "mutant vehicle" comes out (the Carnage equivalent of house robots).

They'll never catch any crooks at that speed.

"Desert Races" is a race through the desert; no-one leaves the contest, but the winner gets to pick their opponent in "The Scrapyard". Here, the first car to reach a safe area will be protected while the other faces the mutant vehicle, but the cars can damage each other.

The two winners go in a head-to-head battle in "The Dome", the only level with a proper pit trap. One winner from each show will return for the series final.

Teams of three compete, one driver (in full safety gear) and two engineers. The team can talk via walkie-talkie. Freddie Flintoff, Vick Hope, and Lethal Bizzle host, and ask some good questions. Colin Murray provides the commentary in his usual hell-for-leather style.

Hit after hit after hit!

Carnage proved a popular success for Sky, it seems to appeal to fathers-and-sons who can bond over cars beating each other up.



Title music

Jode Steele and Dave Wainwright, credited for "Music".


The show's original title was Carmageddon.

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