Celeb Cooking School



Melvin Odoom


Giorgio Locatelli and Poppy O'Toole (judges)


Electric Ray and Motion Content Group for E4, 5 September 2022 to present


Every cooking show ever, but this time all yoofed up, and with celebrities. Channel 4's press office tells us:

Celebrity Cooking School (w/t) (8X60’) tests whether any of our celeb cooks can be turned around when schooled by one of the best in the culinary business. All that most of the celebs will know about food to start with is how to order it, but working solo and matched in pairs, an intensive cookery crash course will have them sweating it out in the kitchen, as they hilariously tackle a series of complex cooking challenges well beyond their ability – leading to chaos in the kitchen.
They’ll need to master crucial cookery techniques and gain confidence if they’re to be crowned ‘Best in Class’ at the end of the series. But if they don’t impress, they’ll get an F for Fail and leave the school for good.

Not a lot to say here, except a) a tolerance for strong language is a must, b) Melvin is criminally underused, and c) Giorgio's appraisals are terse, frequently to the point of impotence. (Your dish is terrible. What are you supposed to do with this information?) And you know what, we'd rather he didn't shout at students who make mistakes - of course students are going to make mistakes, if they were perfect they wouldn't need to be in school.

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Laura Tott, despite serving raw chicken in the final.



  • Kerry Katona (Atomic Kitten)
  • Toby Aromolaran (Love Islander)
  • Stevo the Madman (content creator, apparently)
  • Sam Thompson (Pete & Sam's Reality News)
  • Maeva D’Ascanio (Made in Chelsea)
  • Zeze Millz (presenter)
  • Laura Tott (First Dates)
  • Shaun Ryder (Happy Monday)
  • Paul Chowdhry (comedian)
  • Kim Woodburn (How Clean is Your House)


  • Scott 'Scotty T' Timlin (Geordie Shore)
  • Blu Hydrangea (RuPaul's Drag Race UK contestant)
  • Louie Spence (Pineapple Dance Studios star)
  • Spudzz (YouTube person)
  • Ruth Codd (TikTok person)
  • Nancy Dell'Olio (ex-girlfriend of Sven-Göran Eriksson)
  • Ann Widdecombe (politician)
  • Nadia Rose (rapper)
  • Olivia Bentley (Made in Chelsea)

Key moments

There were some bloody disgraces in the first episode; one contestant thought it appropriate to serve a bowl of microwaved Rice Krispies, while another tried to oven a plastic tray.


Aired Mondays and Tuesdays at 10pm.

Several episodes lifted music straight out of the Great British Menu soundbed.

Web links

Channel 4 site

See also

Bad Chefs, a similar show which aired around the same time.


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