Challenge of a Lifetime


Claire Sweeney


LWT for ITV1, 6 October to 15 December 2001 (11 episodes in 1 series + 1 unaired)


Claire Sweeney (she was on Brookside and Celeb BB1, you know) challenged a member of the public to come face-to-face with a terrible phobia. Once they'd met Claire Sweeney... they would then move onto the second phase of their ordeal. This would involve being jetted off somewhere lovely and foreign, in order to scale a mountain, or scale a building, or meet some spiders/snakes, or go diving under a sheet of ice, or scale a building, or scale a mountain, accompanied by a pleasantly spooky soundtrack. The ultimate goal was to overcome their fear (and Claire Sweeney) so that they could proudly claim to all and sundry that they had completed their Challenge of a Lifetime.

One neat touch (even if it happened to be borrowed from its predecessor Don't Try This at Home!) was that if the MOTP pulled out of the challenge, the Sweeney would have to assume the role of victim. Despite this, it got one short series on ITV, and was never seen again.


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