Charlotte Hindle (1989)

Darren Day (1990-1)


BBC1, 14 September 1989 to 30 March 1991 (32 episodes in 3 series, as part of Going Live! (1991))


Kid's general knowledge quiz with a time theme. Remade with gunge and slotted into Going Live when they got bored of Double Dare, seemingly.

The original end game, entitled "Big Ben", had kids answering questions against the clock, in a spotlight against a dimmed studio for the feeling of suspense. By answering questions, mice would leap round the clock face, whilst the second hand (with a cat's head on it) would eat them if the kids took too long to answer the questions. The more mice they could get back round to 12 o' clock, the better the prize they won.

The end game for the Saturday morning remake in the third series was the Time Tunnel: "The Race Against Time" - kids try to get eight questions correct in one minute whilst travelling in a car going down the tunnel, getting attacked from all sides by various objects and people through history throwing gunge, dropping heaps of sand and spraying sillystring at them.


Mardell Media 2000

Theme music

Martin Cook

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Opening titles from the BBC Motion Graphics Archive


The sixth episode of the first series.

A Darren Day episode from the second series.


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