Commercial Break



Jeremy Daldry


Sky One, April 1994


Jeremy Daldry was an ex-computer journo who found fame and fans from his stint commentating on Games World and hosting the regular great Games World Live slot.

Dave Perry might have been The Games Animal, but still wears bandanas years after the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles finished being popular. Tim Boone edited C+VG - 'nuff said, but Jeremy was amusing, sardonic and has won the UKGSP annual "Ex-computer-journo Turned Game Show Host That Most Reminds Us of Phil Oakey From The Human League Of The Year" award for several years running now.

So: Sky gave him this, a game show about advertising, and he hasn't been seen since. Out of interest Jeremy, if you're reading this what are you doing now? [see below!]

Two teams would battle it out to see who knew the most about advertising. Each team would consist of a member of the public, an advertising executive and a celeb which would normally be minor but once included Willie Rushton. Wooh!

Each round would be introduced by a You Don't Know Jack-style segue thing which would in some way satirize an advert. The main rule of the game was that although you had to guess products, if you at any point mentioned a product name you'd lose a point so instead of Smarties you'd have to say 'round chocolatey sugary sweets'. You get the idea.

Rounds would be pretty standard game show fare, guess the product from how the executive describes the advert, guess the product from the slogan. complete the end of this slogan that sort of thing. The losers didn't win anything (apart from the advertising exec who Jeremy would joke had won a P45) but the winners would play a final game to see what the member of the public would win.

They would see three foreign adverts with the all shots of the product taken out. The player would then pick one of the adverts and whatever was being advertised would be the prize, cleverly. Generally one was very good (say, a video camera) whilst the others would be, erm, questionable (some chocolate, a Pot Noodle, some condoms, that sort of thing).

And it was reasonable fun, if not scintillating stuff.


The show was only on for all weekdays on two weeks, but it was still more enjoyable then The Best Show in the World... Probably.

Jeremy himself replied to our plea to find out what he's up to:

"To my complete surprise I saw that you had my old show on your web site... you were much kinder in your comments than I would have been. You also asked what I'm doing. I'm producing and directing TV shows for the BBC, mainly for kids. After Commercial Break I decided that presenting wasn't really for me and started writing other people's shows, including Stars in Their Eyes (still cant work out if that was a high or low point in my career). I also wrote a book and newspaper articles and what ever came along. Cheers for the great right up! Jeremy Daldry"


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