Conquer the Castle



Narrator: Alison Craig


SMG Productions for STV & Sky Real Lives, 3 January - 20 March 2008 (12 episodes)


Six city slickers from across Britain (so much for a Scottish regional programme!) travel to Blair Castle and the Atholl Estates in the Scottish Highlands where they take part in a number of challenges as diverse as stag hunting and canyoning.

The group are divided into two teams of three and compete against each other to impress their respective 'task masters' (a little bit like Cruel Summer, really). The best contestant of the day is crowned King/Queen of the Castle and guarantees themselves a place on the biggest task of the next day. Eventually, there'll be an overall winner who 'Conquers The Castle'.

Sounds like this is going to be 'run of the mill' stuff, doesn't it?

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