Cook Me the Money



Adam Shaw


Shiver for ITV, 1 to 12 April 2013 (10 episodes in 1 series)


With £100 in their back pocket, three pairs of cooks are taken to a city centre market and invited to buy ingredients for a mobile food stall. They'll spend the morning making portions of their preferred dish, then sell it to passers-by during the lunchtime rush. Whichever of the teams has the most money in their till at the end of lunchtime wins the takings from all three sides.

In execution, the show split into three parts - the opening quarter meeting the teams and seeing them haggle for their ingredients, the bulk of the programme followed their cooking and selling, with a short coda giving the result.

Adam Shaw; the show's logo wasn't used in the titles.

Host Adam Shaw used the show as a demonstration of capitalist principles: buying cheaply, injecting labour, selling the result at a much higher price, and using every tactic possible to increase sales and revenue. Reminded us of Trade Your Way to the USA over on CBBC, complete with a few economics tips that tended to the blindingly obvious.

Theme music

David Lowe is credited for "Composed music".

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