Ned Sherrin (1986-2006)

Edward Seckerson (2007)

Paul Gambaccini (2008-)

Russell Davies (stand-in, 2014)


Ian Gillies - "Young Grove" (1986-2002)
David Kenrick and Stephen Follows - "Dr Köchel" (2003-)


BBC Radio 4, 14 July 1986 to present


A wide-ranging musical quiz, originally hosted by musical writer and raconteur Ned Sherrin, and subsequently run by musicals expert Edward Seckerson and the audio all-rounder Paul Gambaccini. The quiz splits into three movements (or rounds, as we'd more usually call them).

The first round, Moderato Questionable, gives a handful of questions to each contestant, with two illustrated by short musical pieces. Two points for a correct answer, the others may buzz in for one point if the answer is incorrect.

Should there be a tie at the end of this round, a further buzzer question (or questions) is asked to determine the order for the next round.

Theme and Variation forms the middle round. Four categories of questions are offered (the choice increased to five for the 2010 series). Some are very specific, such as "Beethoven's Piano Sonatas". Others are more general, for instance "Sunshine and rain". The person leading after the first round gets to pick from all of the categories, the runner-up chooses from the remainder, and the contestant in last place has a more limited choice. Each round consists of eight questions (seven from the 2011 series), including three musical cues, with two points for a correct answer; incorrect answers are not offered.

After all this has completed comes the final round, Questionable Accellorando. Here, there are about twenty questions, all on the buzzers. The first person to buzz may answer for a point; if they're wrong, they will lose a point, and there are no bonuses.

Though mostly about classical music, Counterpoint includes a significant proportion of questions about jazz, pop, and other forms of modern music. Traditionally, these non-classical questions were never answered correctly, but the number of panel-beaters has been declining in recent years.

The 2021 series replaced the fast-and-furious buzzer round with a minute of quickfire questions for each player in turn. Like on The Chase, "pass" is a wrong answer, all wrong answers are corrected by the host, and the round finishes as soon as the notes from "A Fifth of Beethoven" sound. This change was a contingency in case episodes had to be recorded with the contestants at home - in the event, only the first of five studio sessions took place.

Each edition features three contestants, and only the winner of each show progresses to the next round. The series is complete in 13 weeks, and has been running in Radio 4's Monday afternoon quiz slot since 1998.


1986: David Kenrick
1992: Ian Sutton
2004: Paul Steeples
2008: Brian Davies
2009: David Roy
2010: Andy Langley
2011: Anthony Dean
2012: Michael Pitwood
2013: Wilson Bain
2014: Stephen Whittaker
2015: Dan Adler
2016: Tim Adkin
2017: Richard Searle
2018: David Sherman
2019: Brian Thompson
2020-21: Steve Lodge

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Edward Cole

Theme music

The name of that tune I'm sure you're all reaching for is - what else? - Bach's Partita in E major, arranged and performed by Jacques Loussier.


Ian Gillies' nickname of "Young Grove" came about from the popular musical reference work Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians.

The 2014 series was delayed from spring to autumn. Prior to the scheduled recording dates, host Paul Gambaccini was arrested for alleged historic sex crimes and released on police bail. The BBC's policy is that talent in this position do not appear on air. The replacement presenter was Russell Davies from Brain of Britain. While the series was on air, the case was discontinued, and Gambaccini returned to host the semi-finals.

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