Cross Combat



Vince Henderson


Chatsworth Television for Anglia and Meridian (regional), 12 to 23 August 1996 (10 episodes in 1 series)


Vince Henderson judged this children's game where two teams play Noughts and Crosses meets Twister in order to give their team mates a half-second head start in the Megarun.

In the Megarun, they try and get their Megasphere to the end first. If you win, you can either take a prize or give a penalty to their opponents team during the big final all important Megarun at the end.

A nice touch, but given that the Megarun was exactly the same day after day (four times each episode) and there was a pool of about five different penalties for the MegaMegarun, the variety is not what it might be.


That's more of a budget than what Pump it Up had.


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