Barney Harwood (2003-4) and Jean Anderson (2004)


BBC2, 14 February 2003 to 7 March 2004 (30 episodes in 2 series)


Child A fancies Child B. Presenter C comes in and surprises them both. They and friends D, E, F and G play stupid games for a chance to win a luxury date.

Games include:

  • Cutie Pie - Custard pie the teacher.
  • Melody Madness - Two teachers mime to a song, and audience vote for favourite.

The end game resembled something off The Crystal Maze The boy and girl went inside a perspex booth while balls were blown around by powerful fans, white ones and stripey ones, they had to collect only the stripey ones and collect more than 5 in 30 seconds.

Enjoyable, excellent format but it's mental chewing gum and nothing more. And the fact that the contestants are primary school kids is... a bit creepy, to say the least.


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